Networking 101: 10 Tips

Social Media has given us the ability to meet like-minded people all round the world. We see them succeeding in so many different aspects and industries and we aspire to be like them. How do we get on that level? What’s the first step? How can we collaborate with them?

It's very easy to showcase your talents, your business, and your brand on social media. But, do you know how to verbally present yourself in person? Do you know how to formally approach a person about who they are or what they do? Do you know how to formally present yourself, or your business in an appealing way?

Networking: the act of sharing services and information among individuals with the same common interests.

Thursday night, the Style Fanatic Stylings' Team attended a networking event brought to us by the Sophisticated Chic Brand that taught us how to “break the ice”. At this event we participated in activities that taught us how to inform others about ourselves and to inquire about each other's business or brand. Here’s some tips to help you “break the ice” at your next networking event.

          Prep: How to prepare for a networking event.

  1. Know who you are. Be prepared to explain who you are, what industry you’re in, and what you currently doing or want to do in the industry.
  2. Dress the part. Depending on what industry you’re in, you need to show that you know your craft. Your image is one of the first things people remember about you. So, if you’re in the makeup industry, do one your best looks on yourself to show off your craft.
  3. Have your info ready. People are going to be so interested in you, your business, or your service that you need to have a way for them to contact you, on hand. Whether it be a business card or your Instagram.
  4. Instagram. With the way that technology is consistently evolving, your Instagram can be seen as a resume, portfolio, or business card. Have some of your main info in your bio. Your title, any contact information, any credentials. Inquiries will ask for your Instagram before they ask for a business card

    Network: How to network at an event.
  5. Make the first move. Don’t be afraid to approach someone first. That will make you more memorable.
  6. Converse. Sometimes, going right into your whole repertoire about yourself can make it look like you’re forcing someone to know you. You want the conversation to be natural. Start by complimenting the person, then go from there.
  7. Introduce to others. You may go to an event with a friend, and meet someone that may work great with your friend or vice versa. Sometimes going with a friend can impact your networking experience. You never know who you’ll meet.
  8. Don't be afraid to go by yourself. I know that going by yourself can be intimidating but that’s how you meet new people. And you never know, you may see somebody you already know.

    After: What to do after networking.
  9. Follow Up. If you met someone that you really enjoyed talking to, let them know. Hit them up on social media with a positive message. “Hey, it was great meeting you! Hope to collaborate soon!”, “I’m excited to see you grow!”, “Love your work, excited to see more!”. Anything that will let them know that you enjoyed their time and will motivate them to keep going.
  10. Collaborate. You’ve prepared yourself, you’ve showcased your business, now it’s time to get to work! Time to utilize each other’s services, and expand! Grow! We all want to succeed so why not succeed together! 

Remember, you can network anywhere. Events, conferences, parties; you should always be telling people about your service, your business, and your personal brand.

We hope these 10 tips will help you at your next outgoing.



August 16, 2018

Tonae Lee