Our Favorite Fashion Books & Movies!

The Style Fanatic Stylings’ Team is constantly surrounding by fashion with everything that we do. Because us fashionistas love to see fashion included in everything we do, we wanted to share some of our favorite Fashion Movies & Books.

Fresh Dressed

A documentary that is about fashion in hip-hop culture. This film is personally one of our favorites. The documentary takes you through the decades of urban fashion throughout the east and west coasts. Showing some very influential brands, artist, and designers that changed fashion. Brands like FUBU and Adidas. And designers and influencers like Dapper Dan and Run DMC.

The Devil Wears Prada.

Every fashionista should know this movie, line-by-line. It’s a classic! From the sophistication and elegance of Miranda Priestly to Andy’s fashion makeover. This movie gave us a glimpse of the editorial fashion industry and what it’s like to be a fashion mogul like Mrs. Priestly, herself.

The September Issue.

This documentary shows us the lifestyle of ‘Vogue’ editor, Anna Wintour. Showing us the tasks and preparation in takes for a successful issue of Vogue. The film focuses on Vogue’s most important issue for September of 2007 showing off fall fashions.

The First Monday in May.

This documentary-like film also features Anna Wintour, and other notable fashion designers. The film is all about the most anticipating night in fashion, The Met Gala Ball. The film shows how art, music, and fashion come together to create one beautiful night of fashion.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

This movie is about a girl that can’t control her urge to shop. We all can relate to Rebecca Bloomwood when we see a beautiful garment completely out of our budget but is to die for. She tackles a new job, a new romance, and settling her debt from shopping.

Abstract: The Art of Design

This Netflix Docuseries shows design in various aspects and medias. Art, Fashion, Music, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Automobiles, Photography and so much more. The series speaks to individuals about how the world inspires them, how their designs can change the world, and how they make their designs come to life.

The Teen Vogue Handbook

This book gives you tips, careers, school, designers and so much more. If you think you want to work in the fashion industry, this is a guide to help you figure out which career is right for you. Whether it be stylist, editor, accessories designer. This handbook gives you in-depth detail of the possibilities in the industry.

Where Stylists Shop: The Fashion Insider’s Ultimate Guide

This is a guide of how to shop around the world. A guide on which stores have the best items, stores all over the world like Paris and Brooklyn. It also gives you tips on shopping stylish and shopping online. A great book for stylists and personal shoppers.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman

By Christian Dior, this small book goes through the alphabet to gives definitions of garments, fabrics, accessories and details of fashion. He also includes tips on what’s best to wear for every kind of woman. Tips to help flatter you look and style.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look

This guide by Seventeen Magazine helps you find, define, and perfect your personal style. It’s great for anyone looking to redo their wardrobe or change their style. The best part about this book is that is tells you what garments are worn the most in fashion styles like boho, chic, and sporty. It’s also a great guide for suggesting which stores are best for specific fashion styles.

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